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Love Is In The Air: Valentine by Joseph James

The spirited musician and award-winning singer-songwriter Joseph James has released a tremendously creative musical offering with his debut single Valentine. Hailing from New York, Joseph James has been involved in music for quite some time. His entrepreneurial efforts led to the founding of the AP Music Group. Joseph also holds a bachelor’s degree in music from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.

Valentine is a beautiful contemporary pop song that successfully captures the beauty and sophistication of romanticism and the cosmic dance of true love. The instrumentation is enlivened by the craftsmanship of piano and acoustic guitar strums. The backdrop of bass and drums provide the setting for this beautiful ballad. Joseph James gives a heartwarming performance that is full of sincerity and promise. His vocal texture fits hand in glove with the track. Valentine by Joseph James is a love supreme for all music lovers.


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  1. Joe
    Congratulations on your new release.
    Always a pleasure to hear you and James in Dobbs Ferry on Friday nights.
    Continued success on your new upcoming releases
    Thanks again

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