Folk music

Love One Another – Alias Wayne

Musician and songwriter Ranzel X Kendrick aka Alias Wayne releases a new track titled “Love One Another”. Alias Wayne is often noted for his free-spirited unorthodox musical savviness and avant-garde melodies. His music is praised for its originality and wholesome lyricism.

Love One Another is a pop song with strong soulful overtones and powerful instrumentation. The track is led by impressive acoustic guitar strums, a strong bassline, and crisp percussion. This stirring groove is further enhanced by some lovely background harmonies and a moving vocal performance by Alias Wayne. The song’s theme courts some of Alias Wayne’s artistic influences like John Lennon, who often campaigned for global healing and love between the human family.  Love One Another by Alias Wayne has a lot to offer intellectually as well as musically. It’s a great song!


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