Americana Music

Patrick & Daniels New Album “Good Vibes”

Patrick & Daniels strike an epic chord in the musical world with the release of their new album titled Good Vibes. The project exemplifies the duo’s talent and their free-spirited fusion of Americana, blues, Hip-Hop, funk, and soul music genres for an absolutely unforgettable experience.

The group is comprised of members Jesse Patrick, who is a well-established artist, renowned for his solo career and collaborations. Some highlights from his musical career include: 3x International singer-songwriter award nominee, 4x World Songwriter Award Nominee, and 2021 blues recording of the year award nominee NS Music Awards “Old Soul New Vibe.”  Jesse Patrick’s collaborative partner is none other than Tyler Daniels. Together the duo presents a warm sound with practical lyrical content.

Good Vibes was produced by the legendary Mark Howard and Jimmy Tores, feat. Justin Maki. The album opens with its title track. Good Vibes has a very soulful sound and is carried by the harmonies and vocal arrangements that inspire positivity. Further into the album we encounter “Seasons,” which is colored by its bluesy-folk melody. The magical vibe of the recording’s instrumentation is uniquely profound and organic. Patrick & Daniels has really struck a chord with us all and “Good Vibes” is the perfect testimony.

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