Cuban music

Lourdes Pita’s Cover of Lamento Cubano Is Epic

Internationally syndicated Spanish/English folk-rock singer and songwriter Lourdes Pita’s new release Lamento Cubano is a tremendous effort by the talented songstress that is bound to capture your attention with sheer delight.

As the title track of Lourdes Pita’s new album, Lamento Cuba is the only cover song that appears on the project. The tune was composed by the great Cuban pianist Eliseo Grenet Sánchez and captures the synergy of his native land’s struggle both socially and politically. The song has a special meaning to many Cubans and Cuban Americans and greatly played a part in the family legacy of Lourdes Pita. Her rendition of this epic title is heartwarming. The charming measures of piano, acoustic guitar, and saxophone and beautiful vocal performance is epic.

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