alternative music

Out For Blood by CUSPS

Set for release on December 2nd, 2022, CUSPS upcoming album titled Out For Blood is truly a remarkable work of art. CUSPS is a Kansas City-based music collaboration between Daniel Twombly and J. Sehorn. The due have a unique collaborative synergy as Sehorn adds a psychedelic perspective to Twombly’s minimalist landscapes.

Out For Blood is a 7-track project that totes an equal share of experimental and innovative grooves. The album opens with the high energy of the track titled Shrapnel, which proves to be an intense journey that keeps the listener on the edge of their seats. Later, we are introduced to a track by the name of Liquid City. And like much of the other material appearing on the album, the listener is warmed by crips drums and hazy digital instrumentation. Out For Blood by CUZSPS is a rare but creative voyage that is a must for music lovers.


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