Em (musical artist)

Em’s Latest Reinvention “Siphon” Is Superb!

The pop music songstress known as Em has reached another plateau of artistry upon the release of her new single titled Siphon. As a youthful music veteran and innovator, Em has built a huge following of admirers based on her charisma and raw talent. Em’s 2020 single “Say What You Mean” charted exceptionally well and the music video for the track has been viewed by thousands.

Em’s music continues to evolve with every reinvention she makes. Siphon is a crisp soulful track that really reveals dives into the worlds of soul music and the refreshing promise that is makes for the no-nonsense music lover. The track is an upbeat gem that opens with a steady groove and funky bassline. A streaming violin adds a flare of exoticness that is tasteful and, in some ways, adds to the song’s mysteriousness. The production has a familiar edge but is unique for its musical execution.

Siphon is lavishly enriched by Em’s vocal performance. She is confident and free in her resolve, something which gives this thunderous track an additional layer of personal sheen. Siphon’s deep undercurrent of self-cultivation prepares us for the challenges we face in the relationships that exist in our own hearts and minds. Siphon by Em heralds a new era in the sphere of popular music.

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