alternative music

Pressue Makes Diamonds by Vivian

Currently based out of New Orleans, the multi-talented duo known as VIVIAN is set to release their new album Pressure Makes Diamonds on October 25th, 2022. The group is known for their innovative electro pop sound and sophisticated taste for the avant-garde. Comprised of group members Alana Rolfe and Timo Massa, VIVIAN saw their debut album “The Warped Glimmer” charting #89 on College Radio Charts. 

Pressure Makes Diamonds is a brilliant album that consists of eleven impactful tracks. VIVIAN finds success in further exploring their unique sound that is shaped and molded by lavish hip-hop beats mid psychedelic overtones and electro pop arrangements. The album’s opening track Unravel exemplifies these principles greatly. Overall, Pressure Makes Diamonds by VIVIAN is a golden treasure.

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