Achilles Tenderloin

Little Girl Blue – Achilles Tenderloin

Set for release on September 22nd, 2022, the gifted musician Joe Augustin aka Achilles Tenderloin will be releasing his new single Little Girl Blue.  Known for his acoustic blues sound, Achilles Tenderloin is a musical powerhouse with a serene edge of creativity.

Little Girl Blue is a single from Tenderloin’s EP titled Summer Solstice Singles. The track has a stirring organic melody that is greatly enhanced by some unique measures of acoustic guitar. Vocally, Achilles Tenderloin is able to keep us in tune with the rhythm as he delivers a great vocal performance. His excelling lyricism and inspiring romantic prose are a sheer delight to music lovers and admirers of acoustic sound. Thanks to Achilles Tenderloin’s artistic ingenuity for giving us an experience that we cannot wait to enjoy!


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