alternative rock music

Send Them Love by Stephen Jacques

Stephen Jacques evolves into another level of musicianship with his latest work and newest album titled “Send Them Love”. Stephen Jacques has put together an eccentric journey of melody and muse that touches upon the simple things in life. Stephen’s ingenuity is equally backed by an entourage of skilled rhythm craftsmen, which include: Vocals, Keyboards, Harmonica, Guitars: Stephen Jacques  Pedal Steel: Alan Weatherhead   Guitars: Jordan Tarrant  Violin: Marissa Rasmini  Drums: Stuart Gunter   Guitars: John Cargile  Bass: Doc Thomas  Keyboards, Piano: Craig Harmon   Guitar, Keyboards: John Morand  Vocals: Terry DeSeta  

Send Them Love is comprised of thirteen tracks. The album’s sonic range hinges upon the edges of Americana, country, folk, and pop musical styles. Musically, Stephen Jacques takes the rout of the peaceful warrior and fuses a wide range of subject matter with sincerity. The acoustic vibes that permeate throughout this masterpiece are exemplified in tracks like Utah Countryside and Texas To Brooklyn, among others. Send Them Love by Stephen Jacques sparkles with artistic brilliance!



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