Darkness by Lurid Purple Flowers

Darkness by Lurid Purple Flowers

Emerging from Boston’s music scene is an electrifying crew known as Lurid Purple Flowers. Led by frontwoman CA Newcomb, the group’s unorthodox fusion of blues, funk, and progress rock has led to their distinct vibe and image.

Lurid Purple Flowers’ new single Darkness is a perfect expression of the band’s synergy. The single is from Lurid Purple Flowers’s debut EP titled Mania. Darkness is a hard rock and guitar-laden groove. The song’s electrifying terrain proves to be the perfect podium for an episode of ill-romanticism and the distress over heartbreak.

Darkness is enlivened by Lurid Purple Flowers’ incredible performance, which captures the inventiveness of psychedelic rock. The song makes you feel as if you are front row at a live show. Darkness by Lurid Purple Flowers is truly a winner!


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