Americana Music

The Rest Is History by David Lockwood

Based out of New Hampshire comes veteran musician, singer, and songwriter David Lockwood. His new album titled The Rest Is History is a wonderful testimony that display’s Lockwood’s talent and musical insights.

The Rest Is History begins with the soulful Blue On Blue. The tune sets a wonderful tone for the textured rhythms and harmonies that distinguishes David Lockwood’s sound from others. The eclectic grooves of Koko Sioux is a stirring amalgamation of blues, funk, and some elements of pop music. The song has a very rich bassline and exhibits much of the flavored instrumentation that we see throughout the project.

Lockwood keeps our interest with fine piano arrangements and tavern-groomed melodies as we see in such heart-warming tunes like Julie. Additionally, Lockwood adds a blanket of warmth with sincere strides in vocalization along with crisp harmonies. The Rest Is History by David Lockwood is a journey into a world where music is gold that feeds the soul.


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