Jada (musical artist)

Jada’s New EP Is Sizzling: Community Service

The multi-talented sage woman and musical visionary known as Jada has released a fabulous new EP titled Community Service. Originally from Dendron, Virginia, Jada Epps is a bubbling fountain of artistry. She’s been honored as Artist of the Year by Warlock Asylum International News and has received an equal level of praise for her tribute to the Mexican folk saint Santa Muerte. Jada’s gifted sense of creativity cannot be put into a box as evident from her latest work.

Community Service is comprised of five tracks that embrace a variety of genres, including hip-hop, neo-soul, pop, and r&b. This romantic fusion of sound draws the listener into a dreamy dimension where they are introduced into Jada’s world and her distinct style of mind-altering lyricism. The EP opens with the spirited and jazz-influenced selection called Pig. The song unveils Jada’s disgust with false imagery that is often promoted in daily life.

Jada’s free-spirited flow backed with soulful acoustics makes Community Service a sonic treasure. The mystical diva’s play with words is refreshing as she floats effortlessly along the borders tantalizing grooves like Shoes and 11:47. Community Service is the rap masterpiece that we all need during these trying times.

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