Book Reviews

Introducing Youth To Entrepreneurship by Ronnie Jones

As an author, entrepreneur, and founder of the Kally Group, Inc., Ronnie Jones has created an excellent tool to enable children, adolescents, teenagers, and young adults in their quest to become tomorrow’s business leaders with an incredible book titled Introducing Youth To Entrepreneurship. This literary treasure chest is uniquely formatted to convey essential business concepts in a manner that can be easily understood by post-modern youth.

Introducing Youth To Entrepreneurship begins by clearly establishing the importance of value, time, and money – qualities that the young entrepreneur must gain in order to create a successful venture. In further development of these principles, the author introduces an array of illustrated characters that make it easier for children and teens to embrace and discover the how the business world operates and their potential role in it.

The book paves its way into the hearts and minds of its aspiring readership by making this educational journey both fun and rewarding. Introducing Youth To Entrepreneurship hosts its fair share of wordplay, games, short stories, and crossword puzzles that all work to strengthen its ability to educate and prepare our children for an enjoyable walk alongside the road of success.

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