Gravity by Miranda Writes

Miranda Writes New Single “Gravity” Is Out Of This World!

Over the past few years, the musical strides of the multi-talented rap artist Miranda Writes aka “The First Lady of Hip-Hop” continues to evolve and surpass the expectations of both critics and fans. Often noted for her lyrical intellect, beauty, and charm, Miranda Writes leads the genre with inspiration and femineity in her new track titled Gravity.

Miranda Writes rises to the occasion once again with a remarkable dose of female bravado over a wavy but hard-hitting beat. Miranda’s culinary-equipped lyricism is able to turn this chunky offering into a warehouse of autobiographical rap quotes. Each note we are imprisoned by the thick bassline and synth.

The music video for Gravity is one of Miranda Writes best visual production to date. It also reveals the hip-hop diva’s industrious side and drive for innovation. The video’s futuristic vibe is balanced with the nocturnal realism and historic terrain that gave birth to rap music. Gravity unveils yet another side of Miranda Writes that only strengthens the value of her legacy.

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