Mars Took Over by Mimo

Mars Took Over by Mimo

The multi-talented Mimo is set to release a 5-track EP titled “Mars Took Over” on May 27th, 2022. Originally from Montreal, the current New York-based Mimo molds her creative neo-soul vibe from her vast experience as a musician, songstress, and performance artist. Mimo’s sound can best be described as what she coins as “street jazz”.

Mars Took Over is an amazing effort. Mimo does the impossible with her vocal fusion of poetry, rap, and song over an exquisite sonic landscape. The new project is comprised of five tracks. The opening tune titled An Introduction is a superb demonstration of Mimo’s lyrical wittiness and approach to recording. Mimo’s musical journey possesses certain earthly practicality that speaks to people from various backgrounds as she is able to lift the veil on bohemian life with tracks like So Far So Good and Funghi. Mars Took Over by Mimo is a great greeting card that is able to fully transport the listener to other worlds where the music has meaning.

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